About Us


Heng Steel Group was established in 2005, is a large iron and steel enterprise in the north of China. There are four iron and steel enterprises in China. It’s an anti corrosion, acid resistance, abrasion resistance, weathering China institute member units.It’s also a R & D center and test base of the coating process. In the Galvanized and Pre-painted field keep the leading in the field. Company is leader in the PVDF Pre-painted aluminium field. Greatly improved the color coating products anti-corrosion years, saving customer costs. Made an outstanding contribution to the coating industry. It’s the only enterprise that can give you ten year quality guarantee period.
Heng Steel group has five seat modern industrial garden .Total production plant covers an area of 80 thousand square meters, with Standard workshop, Raw material warehouse, Finished products warehouse, Laboratory, testing center, Staff dormitory, Staff Restaurant,Staff Recreation Center, Office and Logistics center. To create a good working environment and living facilities for staff; To create a one-stop procurement services for customers.
Heng Steel group have two company for produce the coating products,Quanlong Metal and Hengcheng Steel are mainly do them . Products including GI/GL/PPGI/PPGL/Galvanized Strip/Tinplate/Roofing Sheet and so on .
Hengsteel has production line and equipment :
1.Three Galvanized/Galvalume line:Can produce thickness from 0.12-3mm,Width from 600-1500mm.Including:Zero Spangle,Regular Spangle and big Spangle.Can be process Oiled,Without oil,Passivation and Anti-finger print .
2.Two Pre-painted line:Can produce thickness 0.125-2.0mm , width from 600-1250mm.Also process Cover Film,Printing and Embossing,Anti-finger print.
3.One slitting line:Produce the width 20-600mm Galvanized and PPGI/PPGL strip.
4.Twenty-Eight Corrugated line: for produce all kinds of roofing sheets. Can produce width from 400-1150mm.Including Ridge tile,Drainage ditch,Corrugated sheets,T style tile,Antique tile.
5.One Tinplate line: can be produced 0.12-0.8mm tinplate for Industrial and Food field .