A Kenyan company needed color coating for the construction of the plant; the customer contacted the Ministry of Foreign Trade in early June,2012, and the head of foreign trade David exchanged and understood the needs of foreign trade customers, and contacted customers in time to exchange and solve various problems of foreign trade export; Provided product material analysis certificate, company certification and other related materials, and finally reached a cooperation and signed a contract.


On the morning of April 5th, 2016, customers from Tanzania came to our company to visit and inspect about the procurement of Galvanized and Aluminum Zinc Steel materials. Tina, the manager of the foreign trade department, warmly welcomed the visitors and the arrival of the merchants. Under the leadership of the staff, the customer visited the group’s manufacturing workshop. At the first site of the production, the customer carefully observed the production process of several equipments, checked the samples, and the staff made specific technical parameters for the visitors. Detailed description. The client said that through field visits, we have fully seen the strength of the group and the sincerity of cooperation with customers, further strengthening our determination to work together and hope that the cooperation between the two parties can better promote trade.


Honduran customers arrived at our company by plane. Our company sent a special person to the airport to pick up the plane. Our sales manager personally accompanied the customer to visit the processing plant of Zhongxiang Iron and Steel Group. After the visit, the customer listened carefully to the detailed introduction of our products by our colleagues. The customer also had a heated discussion with our colleagues. After discussion, Mr. Peter learned about the strength and ability of our company and immediately decided to order 400 tons Galvanized material in our company.


After reaching a cooperation agreement, Argentine companies sent representatives to the production plant for on-site inspection. Peter, the head of the foreign trade department, warmly welcomed the customer representatives and led the customers to visit the processing process of the processing plant. The representative of Argentina observed the processing flow, inspected the products, packaging, etc., and the technicians also introduced the properties of the galvanized steel sheet. The representative expressed great satisfaction with the quality of the product and the processing technology. He conducted several rounds of negotiations on the details of the long-term cooperation and finally reached a strategic cooperation agreement.



In the 2018 Canton Fair, Dutch customers who have been in contact with us came to our booth. The customer checked the sample, and the person in charge of the foreign trade gave a detailed explanation for the specific product parameters. The customer indicated that 200 tons of Color Corrugated Roofing Sheet were needed, so the staff began to calculate the price. After learning the price, the customer was very satisfied with the price and signed the contract on the spot. After receiving the goods, the customer feedback that the product arrival speed is very fast and the quality is also very good. They will contact us in the later stage and look forward to the next cooperation with us.