In early July, steel prices rose steadily

After entering July, the steel price has continued to rise, the domestic steel price rises, the current spot price of rebar has broken through 5000 yuan mark, the futures price of rebar is up to 5400 yuan above; Hot rolled coil, thick plate, galvanized pipe and other varieties of prices have risen, the billet price once again hit 5000 yuan mark.

Commodity prices continue to rise, has become the focus of the world. In particular, futures prices fluctuate much more than spot prices. For China, it has already aroused the attention of the regulatory level. After entering 2021, commodity prices continued to rise and even doubled. In particular, metals, building materials, agricultural commodities have risen to varying degrees. Upstream price rises and downstream pressure have been the norm in the first half of 2021. In addition to essential raw materials such as copper and aluminium, the prices of products such as silicon and steel have also continued to soar. Silicon, in particular, is up nearly 128% year-to-date.

After entering June, A shares of coal, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals and other plates, have fallen, and the domestic commodity futures are generally down, for such A situation, many people think that the boom trend of commodities at this end. However,, from the current point of view, the price of bulk commodities still have a certain room to rise, a temporary fall, and can not determine the future trend of commodity prices, rising tide on this flameout, I am afraid to be considered.