International steel prices rise abnormally, many countries are in urgent need of iron and steel materials

Already, with the help of the vaccine, countries have begun a major economic recovery and infrastructure projects. However, the problem also comes from this, as a number of countries in parallel to develop industrial activities, resulting in a rapid increase in the international demand for steel.

Since the beginning of this year, the price of international raw materials has been constantly rising, from steel to copper, and then to oil, aluminum and other raw materials, have continued to rise in price.

At the same time, the market for steel expectations to strengthen, also gave some speculators the opportunity to join speculation. At the same time that the demand for steel increases, these people also speculate on the steel. With the soaring steel prices and successive releases of water by the Federal Reserve, the “rally” of international commodities has been stopped.

Steel prices soared in the short term, this is not a reasonable price range, the United States, Vietnam, India and other countries, the demand for steel is increasing, with China to take a series of measures to stabilize the market, in the short term, the international steel price is difficult to restore to the normal price range.