It is expected that the price of steel products will mainly rise in the future

Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Finance once again mentioned carbon peak and carbon neutrality, which slightly boosted steel prices, and short-term steel prices have risen.

Recently, the Office of the Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in Tangshan City issued a notice. The content is mainly to suspend the production of blast furnaces and supporting coking and lime of iron and steel enterprises in different proportions, and prohibit the transportation of heavy trucks of National V and below. The time is from the release of the plan. From the date to March 13, 2022. The completion of the ultra-low emission transformation of the steel industry will restrain Tangshan’s output and production capacity to a certain extent, thereby boosting steel prices to a certain extent.

The US Trillions of Infrastructure Act was officially passed, which has had a huge impact on international steel prices, and demand has surged. Many construction and building materials stocks have skyrocketed. In a short period of time, international building materials will have different degrees of increase.

With the gradual end of the high temperature and rainstorm in August, the demand for building materials will recover, and the room for the growth of plate demand is relatively limited; production capacity control and output reduction continue to be implemented, and the social stock of steel will change from rising to falling, and the market supply and demand pattern will tend to improve. It is expected that The domestic steel market may continue to fluctuate upward in August.