With the birth of non blast furnace ironmaking technology, iron and steel has entered a new era

The manufacturing industry with the largest carbon emission is definitely a leader in the iron and steel industry. China has been promoting the “double carbon” policy, continuously promoting environmental protection and energy conservation in the iron and steel industry, and making new breakthroughs in iron and steel technology. In order to protect the environment, in terms of reducing carbon emissions, iron and steel not only uses traditional compressed crude steel, but also actively promotes new processes and technologies such as short process, non blast furnace ironmaking and hydrogen metallurgy. At the same time, it introduces advanced equipment, processes and services at home and abroad, actively carries out research on localization of key equipment, and improves comprehensive economic benefits. China’s crude steel accounts for a large proportion in the world. Most of them are produced by traditional processes of blast furnace and converter. In order to meet the standards of pollutant emission and energy consumption, China is constantly exploring and introducing new technologies to strive for optimization in all aspects.

Non blast furnace ironmaking technology includes two processes: direct reduction and smelting reduction. Its advantage is that it gets rid of the problem of increasing shortage of coking coal resources, has no sintering and coking process links, improves the level of environmental protection, effectively reduces the comprehensive energy consumption of products, improves the product quality, and provides pure materials for the production of clean steel, high-quality steel and other high-end products in the steel smelting link. With higher quality raw materials, the steel plate, galvanized coil, color coated coil, corrugated board and other building materials produced by us are closer to higher-end steel products. With the long-term exploration and breakthrough of scientific researchers, the equipment is replaced from generation to generation. At the same time, the combination of Chinese traditional technology and foreign technology is the icing on the cake, and the quality will be in direct proportion to the production volume, Our factory of Hengcheng iron and steel also keeps up with the pace of society, improves ironmaking process and improves product quality under the condition of reducing pollution.

Ironmaking process